Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snotty noses and coughs

I feel like I could be swimming in a pool of snot. It's gross, I know... but with as many snotty noses that I've wiped in the past 3-4 days, it could fill a pool! We have gone through a box and a half of tissues in that time! It never fails that when snotty noses are present there is also a cough. Both girls have this nagging cough that is 198798709809878089 times worse at night. :( So I haven't been getting very much sleep due to that. R is at WLC and working hard. I'm really proud of him and hope he's able to study hard to make the Commandant's List (its like an honor graduate)! The girls are doing very good so far with him being gone! C is telling everyone that "her daddy is far, far away and will be home in two weeks". It cracks me up! While we were outside playing yesterday with our neighbors, A was walking around saying "dada! dada! dada!" nonstop looking for him. Breaks my heart, but he'll be home soon. If he deploys again, these little girls' hearts are going to break. I just hope he's able to do what he needs to hopefully prolong the time until another deployment!

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